School Of Nursing

School Of Nursing

The School of Nursing is an integral part of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, (NAUTH), Nnewi.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital started as a Community Hospital and later became a General Hospital in 1990. The General Hospital was upgraded to Anambra State University of Technology Teaching Hospital (ASUTECH). Thereafter, its name was changed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) when it was taken over by the Federal Government in 1992.

The preliminary preparations for the take off of the school began in April, 2000 and culminated in the official commissioning of the school by the then Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. Tim Menakaya. Lectures for the pioneer student (30 in number) started in October, 2000. Since then, the school has gone on to admit students every year.

The staff of this school believe that the basic course in nursing is a formal education programme which should be based on sound educational principles. The motto of the school being “Excellence in Nursing Education” while the vision of the school in line with the reforms in Nursing Education Practice and Research, is “To train nurses that will be polyvalent in nature who will be able to withstand the societal challenges and demands in Nursing Profession.


The school which commenced in 2000 is located in Nnewichi, Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State on the popular old Onitsha Road, Nnewi. Bounded in the North by Ichi and Oba towns in Idemili South Local government Area, in the east by Oraifite town in Ekwusigo Local Government Area and in the West by Nnobi town in Idemili South Local Government Area. Nnewi has a population of one hundred and twenty one thousand and sixty-five (121,065) with households of twenty five thousand, seven hundred and nineteen (25,719) according to National Population Commission (2006). The town is popularly referred to as the Japan of Africa because of the high level in trade of Auto parts dealers and other construction activities. Nnewi has four main villages namely Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewichi.


–      To develop in the student the ability to meet the patient as a person with a family and as a member of the community.

–      To help the student to acquire a knowledge of her professional responsibility in giving quality care to consumers.

–      To help the student to acquire up-to-date information in regards to the trends, like research, in the profession and opportunity to improve in the profession.

–      To foster excellence in nursing education.


  • To develop an understanding of the concept of comprehensive Nursing Care.
  • To acquire an understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and social adjustment required of an individual who become sick.
  • To develop skill required for meeting the needs of patients
  • To acquire knowledge of the principles of Nursing administration and an understanding of how these are applied in administration of ward and health unit.
  • To acquire an understanding of the processes in medical services in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.
  • To participate in research and utilize research findings


  • To train polyvalent nurses who will be able to withstand the societal challenges and demands on the nursing profession. And to participate in research and utilize research findings.


The school’s educational philosophies are as follows:

  • We believe that the basic course in Nursing is a formal educational programme based on sound educational principles.
  • We believe that the basic course in Nursing should prepare nurses for first level positions in Nursing in both the hospital and community.
  • We belief that the practice of Nursing requires good understanding of basic scientific principles, bearing in mind that the health consumers expectation are high and that they are more knowledgeable of their legal heights than even before.
  • We recognize the interdependence of Nursing and allied professions in promoting and restoring health.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility in helping student develop pride in the profession and guiding her with respect to his/her future in Nursing.
  • We believe that the above expectations cannot be without the knowledge of God, the Giver of wisdom.


The students are exposed to two types of clinical postings during their course of study.

  1. General postings
  2. Specific postings

General Postings

Each student is exposed to thirty three (33) weeks of general clinical posting during the three years of general nursing training. The wards/clinics used for the posting are the various wards of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital and they are grouped as follows:

  1. A.    Medical/Surgical unit
  • Male Medical Ward (MMW)
  • Female Medical Ward (FMW)
  • Male Surgical Ward (MSW)
  • Female Surgical Ward (FSW)
  • Accident and Emergency (A/E)
  • Children Emergency Ward (CHER)
  • Children’s Ward (CHW)
  • Paediatric extension ward (PAED. EXT.)
  1. B.     General Outpatient Department (GOPD)
  • Children Outpatient (CHOP)
  • Medical Outpatient Unit (MOP)
  • Surgical Outpatient unit (SOP)
  1. C.    CLINICS
  • Heart to Heart clinic
  • Direct Observed Therapy Short Course (DOTS)
  • Retroviral Disease Paediatric (RVD Paed.) clinic
  • Retroviral Disease Adult (RVD Adult) clinic
  1. D.    Obstetrics and Gynaecological Department
  • Labour ward
  • Lying in ward
  • Antenatal Clinic
  • Health visiting Unit
  • Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
  1. E.     Theatre/Oncology unit
  • Theatre (main)
  • Anaesthetic department (Main)
  • Theatre OBA
  • Recovery Room unit (Rec. Rm) unit.


  1. Obstetrics and Gynaecological posting

Duration – 3 weeks

Wards/clinics – Antenatal clinic (ANC)

–          Labour ward (LW)

–          Health visiting unit (HVU)

–          Lying in ward

–          Special care baby unit.


Duration – 8 weeks

VENUE – Neuropsychiatric Hospital Nawfia

Njikoka LGA Anambra State.

  1. Orthopaedics, Burns and Plastic Surgery Orientation posting

Duration – 3 weeks

Venue – National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu

  1. Community Posting/Experience

Duration – 3 weeks

Venue –Different health Centres in Ekwusigo Local Government Area

They include

  • Awor Primary Health Centre
  • Nza Health Center, Ozubulu
  • Referal Health Center, Ihembosi
  • Ibollo Health Center, Oraifite
  • Isingwu Health Center,  Oraifite
  • Model Primary Health Center,  Ihembosi
  • Egbema Primary Health Center, Ozubulu
  • Afor Ilo Health Center, Ozubulu
  • Referal Primary Health Care center, Ichi




The school organized the three (3) years programme for general nursing in semesters.  Each year has two (2) semesters, and courses are allotted to each semester. The first year has the preliminary training session (PTS) as the first semester and the junior block as the second semester. The second and third years also have first and second semesters.

Below are the courses for each semester.


First Semester (PTS) Preliminary training Session

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Foundations of Nursing 1
  3. Community Health 1
  4. Family Health 1
  5. Pharmacology 1
  6. Nutrition
  7. Behavioral Science
  8. Microbiology
  9. Physics
  10. Chemistry
  11. Use of English
  12. Computer Science
  13. Use of Library
  14. Hospital based clinical practice

Second Semester (Junior Block)

  1. Medical/Surgical Nursing 1
  2. Foundations of Nursing1
  3. Family Health 1
  4. Community Health1
  5. Nutrition
  6. Dietetics
  7. Pharmacology 1
  8. Parasitology
  9. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  10. Behavioural Science
  11. Use of English
  12. Hospital based clinical practice



First Semester

  1. Medical/Surgical Nursing 11
  2. Foundations of Nursing 11
  3. Family Health 11
  4. Community Health 11
  5. Pharmacology 11
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Statistical Method
  8. Emergency Nursing
  9. Principles of Management and Teaching
  10. Hospital based clinical practice
  11. Dietetics
  12. Use of English
  13. Parasitology

Second Semester

  1. Medical/Surgical Nursing
  2. Family Health 11
  3. Community Health 11
  4. Foundations of Nursing 11
  5. Pharmacology 11
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Statistical method
  8. Emergency Nursing
  9. Principles of Management and Teaching
  10. Dietetics
  11. Mental Health Nursing
  12. Use of English
  13. Hospital based clinical practice
  14. Community based clinical practice
  15. Parasitology






First Semester

  1. Medical/Surgical Nursing 111
  2. Community Health 111
  3. Family Health 111
  4. Foundations of Nursing 111
  5. Pharmacology 111
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Statistical method
  8. Principles of Management & Teaching
  9. Ophthalmology
  10. Ear, nose and throat
  11. Anesthesiology
  12. Theatre technique
  13. Orthopaedics
  14. Use of English
  15. Seminar in Nursing
  16. Hospital based clinical practice
  17. Emergency Nursing

Second Semester

  1. Medical/Surgical Nursing 111
  2. Family Health 111
  3. Community Health 111
  4. Foundations of Nursing111
  5. Pharmacology 111
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Statistical method
  8. Emergency Nursing
  9. Principles of Management and Teaching
  10. Hospital based clinical practice
  11. Theatre technique
  12. Anaesthesiology
  13. Use of English
  14. Seminar in Nursing


The admission into the School of Nursing, NAUTH takes this process:

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A candidate should have minimum of five credits at not more than two sittings either in West African Examination Council (WAEC), or National Examination Council (NECO) in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

RESULT COMBINATION: A candidate is allowed to combine his/her result WAEC and NECO.

SALE OF FORM: the sale of form starts from third week of January and ends third week of April of each year.

COST OF THE FORM: the cost of the form is determined every year by the hospital management.

MODE OF OBTAINING & SUBMISSION OF THE FORM: The candidate pays the fixed amount to the Bank (First Bank) with the receipt issued, will come over to the school to pick the form from the staff in charge. The candidate after filling the form returns it with three (3) passport photographs attached to the original receipt and a photocopy of such is also submitted together with the form.

CONDUCT OF THE EXAMINATION: Test Development of West African Examination Council (WAEC) conducts Entrance Examination in form of aptitude tests. After the short listing, there is internally conducted written examination followed by oral interview as the last stage of the selection process.

The oral interview is conducted by the School Selection committee with the Chairman Medical Advisory Committee as the Chairman.

SCHOOL FEES: As fixed by the Management Board, same is reviewed intermittently.

RESUMPTION: The successful students resume lectures from October every year.



1.         The Principal                                       Mrs. Onyejiaka, Nonyelum .N.

2.         The Vice Principal                               Mrs. Izuchukwu, Deborah C.


3.         Mrs. Aralu, Joy C.                               Chief Midwife Educator

4.         Mrs. E. Uyoh                                      Principal Midwife Educator

5.         Mrs. Okoli, Justina N.                         Principal Nurse Educator/Nutritionist/Dietitian

6.         Mrs. Ibemere   , Christiana C.             Nurse Educator

7.         Ms. Okechukwu, O. N.                       Public Health Nurse Educator

8.         Ms. Okonkwo, N. G                              Nurse Educator

9.         Mrs. Okoli, Uchenna  J                       Public Health Nurse Educator

10.       Ms. Muojekwu, Chizoba                   Nurse Educator

11.       Mrs. Chukwurah, Jacinta C.             Nurse Educator

12.       Mrs. Ajanobi, Elizabeth N                 Nurse Educator

13.       Ms. Iheme Uchenna V.                        Nurse Educator

14.       Mrs. Nwachukwu C                            Nurse Educator

15.       Mrs. Okonkwo, O. G.                         Nurse Educator

16.       Mrs. Onusulu, Stella N.                      Clinical Instructor

17.       Mrs. Nwafor, Ifeyinwa E.                  Clinical Instructor

18.       Mrs. Agada Amaka                             Clinical Instructor

19.       Mrs Okafor I.                                      Clinical Instructor

20.       Mrs. Menkiti Ifeoma                           Clinical Instructor

21.       Mrs. Nnamah E. E.                             Computer Science Tutor

22.       Mrs. Uwakwe, H. U                           Education Officer

23.       Adaoma Anyanechi                            Microbiologist



24. Mrs. Nwosu Uzoamaka J.                         Snr. Nursing Sister



25. Mrs. Ogbueli Ifeyinwa                              Principal Library officer

26. Mrs. Onweluzor    , Gloria                        Chief Library officer

27. Mrs. Chukwukadibia Vivian                     Asst Library Officer

28. Mrs. Anyadiegwu Amara                         Asst. library officer



29.       Mrs. Ekeanyanwu, Maureen N           Principal Confidential Secretary



30.       Mrs. Chukwudebelu Grace O.            Snr. Typist I



31.       Mrs. Ikeh U.                                        Chief Clerical Officer

32.       Mrs. Esther Anthony                          Chief Clerical Officer

33.       Mrs. Nzeribe, Stella                            Chief Clerical officer

34.       Mrs. Obimma Obiageli                        Snr. Clerical officer

35.       Mrs. Ezigbo, Bridget                          Snr. Clerical Officer

36.       Mrs. Edebeatu, Anthonia I.                Chief Med. Soc. worker

37.       Mrs. Okonkwo Viola N.                     Asst Executive Officer

38.       Mrs. Ezumezu, H. A                           Clerical officer

39.       Mr. Akannam Vincent                        Clerical Officer

40.       Mrs. Okafor Grace O.                         Clerical Officer



41.       Mrs. Umeh, Angelina N                      Chief Hostel Warden

42.       Mrs. Okoro Njideka    N.                   Chief Hostel Warden

43.       Mrs. Ikeh, Bridget A.                         Chief Hostel Warden

44.       Mrs. Udechukwu Rita                        Chief Hostel warden

45.       Mrs. Ikeh Chika P.                              Chief Hostel Warden

46.       Mrs. Nwobele Selina N                       Chief Hostel Warden

47.       Mrs. Nwosu    Bernadette C.              Chief Med. Asst. IV

48.       Mrs. Uchendu, Juliana                        Chief Hostel Warden

49.       Mrs. Chukwudi, Blessing                               Chief Med. Soc. worker

50.       Mrs. Nzewi Uchenna J.                                   Chief Hostel Warden

51.       Mrs. Nwadigbo Uju N.                                   Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

52.       Mrs. Nwokedike, Ngozi A.                            Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

53.       Mrs. Onuegbu Veronica I.                              Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

54.       Mrs.  Ezieke    Blessing O.                              Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

55.       Mrs. Echendu Regina N.                                Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

56.       Mrs. Obinwa   Bernadette C.                         Chief Med. Soc. Asst.

57.       Mrs. Okolo Bernadette U.                              Chief Hostel Warden

58.       Mrs. Orjiakor, Eucharia C.                              Senior Clerical officer

59.       Mrs. Udekwu Anne C.                                   Chief Med. Soc. Asst.


Contract staff

Mrs. Jwell Ezebuike Chinyere                                    Physical/Parasitology Tutor

Mrs. Ogbonna I.                                                          English Tutor

Mrs. Nwaka Grace                                                      Chemistry Tutor

Mr. Babatunde Oguntimehin                                      Anatomist

Mr. Nnamah T.                                                            Anatomist

SCHOOL E-MAIL ADDRESS:  The school e-mail address is