School Of Health Information Management


The hospital started as a community hospital, Nnewi, which later became a government general hospital in 1990.

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The General Hospital was upgraded to Anambra State Hospital (ASUTECH) to offer clinical facility for the training of the students of Health Science and Technology. The name was changed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) and was taken over by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1992.

The School of Health Information is one of the training schools established to offer human resources for health development of the country in line with the Federal Government objectives for setting up tertiary health institutions. The school of Health Information and Management was officially established in June, 1996 and the first accreditation done by the Health Records Officers Registration Board of Nigeria. Immediately after the accreditation, lectures/tutors were appointed by the hospital management for effective learning process.

The first batch of students (10 students) started their normal lectures on 14th October, 1996 after the appointment of the school staff



Excellence in health information management.



To train the best human resources for health development.


I pledge myself to give out no information from any clinical records placed in my charge, or from any other sources, to any person whatsoever, except upon order from the Chief Executive Officer of the institution which I may be serving.



Health Information Management (3x)
The gateway to health delivery
Memory may forget but Records remember
Health Information Management
The best of health profession (2x)
I’m proud of my great profession
As the key to health delivery
To establish Culture, Excellence in HIM
Education, Training and Research for professional growth. (2x)



School of Health Information Management, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi, P.M.B 5025, Nnewi.


E-mail Address:


Telephone Number: (234) 08153080001



Sky blue upon trouser for men and skirt for ladies.



The Principal Officers of the School

  1. Head of school
  2. Students’ affairs officers
  3. Committee for moderation of examination questions.
  4. Lecturers of different cadres
  5. Librarian
  6. Secretary
  7. Clerical Officers





Duration of Study

The school runs a four (4) year programme in Health Information Management. Two years (2) National Diploma (ND), One year (1) industrial attachment and two years (2) Higher National Diploma (HND). The duration shall be two academic sessions of four (4) semesters each, including supervised clinical work experience (SIWES).

Objectives of the Programme

A diploma of this programme should be able to:

  • Assist in planning and organizing health information services in health delivery system.
  • Organize and manage health records in a health medical establishment.
  • Coordinate the collection, storage, retrieval and preservation of health information.
  • Collect , analyze, interpret and present health statistical data.
  • Provide professional advice on legal aspects of health information.
  • Design, standardize, and control health record forms.
  • Organize health information/education campaigns.


A limited accommodation is provided for students on the first-come first-serve basis.


Students are engaged in practical and tutorials as a requirement for meeting board’s standards as contained in the training curriculum.


Part 1 Programme (ND)

  1. To be eligible for admission to the school of Health Information Management, NAUTH  Nnewi, a candidate must have written UTME with the required JAMB subject combination:- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Candidate must also have a minimum score of 160 and choose the school as first or second choice.
  2. In addition to (i) above, candidates must possess a minimum qualification of Senior Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent with credit passes in five (5) subjects. The subjects include: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Health Science, and any other two subjects.

Part II Programme (HND)

1.     Candidates who hold the National Diploma (ND) in Health Information Management and also met normal entry requirements as stipulated in (ii) above




Any student admitted to any  part of the programme for the first time either the ND or HND will be required to matriculate at a formal ceremony and sign the register of matriculation students,

 Conditions for Admission

Selection of candidate for the parts I and II programme will be based on the ability to pass the competitive selection entrance examination and admission interview.

Selling of forms commences February of every year and closes in June of the same year.

Part   I candidates shall answer questions in;

a)    Use of English

b)    Mathematics

c)     Biology or health science

d)   Chemistry

Candidates for Part II (HND) programme shall answer professional questions on the ND scheme.

Approved courses of study and syllabuses are those approved by health records officer registration Board of Nigeria, which shall also include lectures, tutorials and practical as prescribed by the board.

A student whose work or progress is considered unsatisfactory may be required by the school management to withdraw from the school or to repeat any part of his /her course.

An outright failure in the semester examination shall be regarded as evidence of unsatisfactory progress.




Scheduled semester examinations at all levels shall take place as follows:

  1. First semester examination shall hold in February every year, while second semester shall hold in June every year. Adjustment to these dates may be made by the school management.


  1. STUDENT INDUSTRIAL WORK EXPERIENCE SCHEME (SIWES). All students who registered for each of the programmes shall be exposed to a period of industrial work experience scheme, normally referred to as SIWES. The training shall take place during the long vacation of the second semester for each of the programmes (ND AND HND) for a period of six to eight weeks.
  2. A student that does not make up to 75% of class attendance shall not be eligible to write the semester examination.
  3. First year students (ND 1) who do not pass up to half of all courses attended in the first semester exams, shall be asked to withdraw from the school
  4. Referred courses shall be carried over. No student shall be allowed to carry over more than four (4) courses in a semester.
  5. To qualify for any examination, the student must have paid the approved fees as at when due.
  6. A student who on account of illness is absent from an examination may be permitted to present him/herself for examination, at a future date, provided the illness is reported to the school management and medical certificate presented.
  7. Students must abide by all the rules and regulations governing the smooth conduct of an examination as may be prescribed by the Health Officers Registration Board of Nigeria from time to time.






School hours 8.00am to 3.00pm.


Students are involved in orientation exercise conducted by the school.



Students are matriculated few months after they have been formally received by the school management. Any student admitted to any part of the programme for the first time either the ND or HND will be required to matriculate at a formal ceremony and sign the register of matriculating students


Students are graduated after the four (4) years training programme in Health Information Management.


This is the last exercise that is conducted for students to be eligible for admission into the programme.








(ND) Year 1 – Semester 1

Course Title Course Code
Additional Mathematics MTH 012
Descriptive Statistics 1 STA 112
Introduction to Computers COM 111
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 DTH 115
Health Records Management 1 HIM 111
Introduction to Disease Classification and Clinical Coding HIM 112
Health Information Science HIM 114
Mental Health/Nursing 1 GNP 216
Use of English 1Medical terminology GNS 111MDT 111
Citizenship Education GNS GNS 111

(ND) Year 1 – Semester 2

Course Title Course Code
Descriptive Statistics II STA 121
Demography STA 123
Basic Programming Language COM 113
Primary Health Care I GNP 113
Fundamentals of Medical Practice I HIM 121
Health Planning and Management I HIM 122
Introduction to Medical Rehabilitation HIM 123
(Report Writing) English Language and Communication PEL 017
Communication in English GNS 102
Citizenship Education I GNS 111
Health Records Management II HIM 124
Health Agencies EHT 122

(ND) Year 2 – Semester 1

Course Title Course Code
Logic and Linear Algebra MTH
Computer Packages COM 214
File Organisation and Management COM 214
Practice of Entrepreneurship BAM 216
Mathematical Methods STA 221
Principles of Epidemiology and Disease Control EHT 214
Health Records Management III HIM 211
Disease classification and clinical coding HIM 212
Anatomy and Physiology HIM 213
Introduction to Medical Sociology GNS 213
Research Methods GNS 228

(ND) Year 2 – Semester 2

Course Title Course Code
Biostatistics STA 225
Record Management OTM 222 (SET 213)
Management Information System COM 224
Fundamentals of Medical Practice HIM 221
Behavioural Science HIM 222
Health Planning and Administration HIM 223
Hospital Statistics HIM 224
Seminar HIM 225
Extended Essay HIM 226
Health Records Management IV HIM 227
Assembly Language COM 215

(HND) Year 1 – Semester 1

Course Title Course Code
Public Health Economics EHT 324
Public Health Laws I EHT 225
Operations Research I COM 311 (Operating System II)
Anatomy and Physiology I HIM 311
Health Records Management III HIM 312
Disease Classification and Clinical Coding HIM 313
Health Planning and Management III HIM 314
Drugs and Body System HIM 315
Communication in English III GNS 302
Operations Research I STA 314

(HND) Year 1 – Semester 2

Course Title Course Code
Sampling Techniques I STA 322
Biometrics STA 325
Computer Techniques I COM 321
Introductory Microbiology STB 211
Clinical Diseases and Diet Therapy I NUD 322
Mobile Health Services in Community Health PHN 324
Public Personnel Management PAD 415
Population Resources and Environment GNS 322
Introduction to Psychology GNS 411

(HND) Year 2 – Semester 1

Course Title Course Code
Design and Analysis of Experiment I STA 323
Sampling Techniques II STA 412
Medical Statistics STA 416
Computer Application Packages COM 411
Occupational Health and Safety I EHT 223
Anatomy and Physiology HIM 411
Health Planning and Management IV HIM 412
Communication in English IV GNS 401

(HND) Year 2 – Semester 2

Course Title Course Code
Operations Research II STA 411
Computer Graphics COM 421
Research Methodology NUD 435
Occupational Health and Safety II EHT 421
Disease Classification and Clinical Coding HIM 421
Seminar HIM 422
Project HIM 423
Literary Appreciation and Oral Composition GNS 402
Database Design COM 413
Management Information System CSC 417
Communication in English IV GNS 401
Health Records Management IV HIM 424
Applied General Statistics STA 224
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