Works Department

Works Department

Works department is committed to serve the public better, and we provide qualitative and excellent engineering services for patients/patient relatives and the entire hospital community.

Our mission is to fasten and tighten any loosed action as a strategy towards enhancing improved and timely engineering service delivery in a fast and transparent manner and above all, at the appropriate time.

Works department is able to achieve these with the help of the following units

–          Electrical Unit

–          Air condition and refrigeration unit

–          Instrument Unit

–          Plumbing unit

–          Carpentry unit

–          Transport unit

–          Gen set unit ( or plant unit)

For the above unit to be properly co-ordinated, we have Engineering Okafor Mark Anthony (08036731422), as works departmental co-ordinator. He has more than 20 years experience in Engineering/ Hospital Management. He has BSc. in Engineering. He is ably assisted by a specialist in maintenance of medical equipment by name Mrs Ohanaja Pamela (08034638978).

We capitalise on delegation of duties, division of labour, unity of command and motivation to get to this level.