Pharmacy Department

The NAUTH Pharmacy has been in existence for over twenty years. Since then, it has grown over the years in terms of the quality, quantity and variety of drugs and sundries dispensed and other auxiliary services provided.


PHILOSOPHY:                           Excellence in healthcare through good pharmacy practice


MISSION  STATEMENT:         To provide quality drug services and pharmaceutical care to our clients


VISION:                                     To be the best in pharmaceutical care and unit dose dispensing among the

tertiary healthcare providers in Nigeria.




  1. To ensure that the hospital is well provided for in terms of drugs and sundries.
  2. To ensure that patients get the right drugs and sundries at the right time and at affordable prices.
  3. To ensure that the patients in the hospital get the right drugs and sundries at the right time and at affordable prices.
  4. To  ensure  that the patients receive the right medication through adequate patient  counseling and advice
  5. To ensure at all stages of operation proper storage of drugs and sundries
  6. To provide special preparations on request and some commonly used extemporaneous preparations.
  7. To ensure quality assurance for all drugs and sundries coming into the hospital.
  8. To ensure that pharmacists and other staff receive continuing education.
  9. To make essential drugs always available by establishing a time-tested drug revolving fund (DRF)
  10. To encourage generic prescribing.
  11. To provide drug information services to healthcare providers and the general public at large.
  12. To train new pharmacists on internship programme
  13. To provide drugs and pharmaceutical care to patient living with HIV/AIDS
  14. Interventions and documentation of all activities in pharmacy department.




Weekly Clinical Seminars have continued to be held for staff and other interested hospital members. Members of the department, invites guest lecturers and pharmaceutical companies delivers lectures on drugs and drug management.  Also general current affairs are delivered.








This is effective strategy for ensuring uninterrupted drug supply in the hospital. We ensure strict accountability for the drugs provided in the system by supplying them on a cash-and –carry basis. Appropriate provision is made on training of DRF personnel’s. The patient enjoys essential drugs available at considerably cost effective prices.

Patients in emergency (Casualty) have their drugs and sundries supplied without immediate payment for them. Payment is made by relatives later.




Established and registered pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers are made to participate in a competitive bidding through tenders. The DRF committee analyses and recommends to the CMD for approval. Emergency drugs when out of stock are procured by the HOD with drug imprest.




All drugs dispensed to patients were on the prescriptions of doctors working in the hospital.The dispensary section has been computerized and networked. Proper records of all drugs dispensed were kept.




Quality drugs and sundries are dispensed to patients under this scheme.




All drugs and sundries are stored in a temperature controlled environment, under the care of a pharmacist as the unit head and storekeepers. The “FIFO’’ method and where necessary the “FEFO”methods are used in the issues.




Our pharmacists attend conferences locally and internationally and these include:-

Anambra state branch of pharmaceutical society of Nigeria (PSN),

National conference of pharmaceutical society of Nigeria (PSN),

Conference of Commonwealth Association of pharmacist,

Conference of Federation of International Pharmacist (FIP),

State Conference of National Association of hospital and administrative pharmacist,

National Conference of National Association of hospital and administrative pharmacist,








In the event of so many fake, substandard and adulterated drugs in circulation in the country, the NAUTH Management and Board through “VAMED”has equipped the pharmacy department with the state-of-art equipment for compounding our extemporaneous preparations, also quantitative and qualitative equipments for our finished drugs and sundries.

One  vital equipment we are lacking is spectrophotometer.




The following are affecting the department in giving out her best in services to our numerous clients. We are praying and asking for improvement where present and provision were lacking in the following:-

–           Limited space

–           Limited staff (pharmacists, clerical officers and AEC’s)

–           Limited accommodation for Interns

–           Library

–           Training and re-training of staff.




NAUTH pharmacy has grown in strength over years. Presently, we have strong representation thus:

                                                                                                                      STAFF    STRENGT

PHARMACISTS       NON               COPPER       INTERN

PHARM.          PHARM.      PHARM.

NAUTH pharmacy at NAUTH, Nnewi                                      24                     30                         –                  44


NAUTH Pharmancy Tuama Centre(NAUTH) Oba                                 7                      3                            –                   1


NAUTH  Pharmancy Comprehensive health

Centre(NAUTH), Umunya                                                          4                       1                           1                  1

NAUTH  Pharmancy Tuama Centre(NAUTH),Neni                 2                      2                           1                  1


NAUTH  Pharmancy Tuama Centre(NAUTH), Awka                1                      2                           –                  1


NAUTH  Pharmancy Tuama Centre(NAUTH),  Ukpo                2                    3                            1                  1


NAUTH  Pharmancy Tuama Centre(NAUTH), Onitsha             3                    5                            1                  1


TOTAL          =          43                   46                          4                 50