Information Technology Unit


The Unit took off in March 2008 with the installation of a VSAT equipment and networking of the hospital. It is a unit under the Administration Department of the Hospital. The vision of the unit is to provide efficient Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services to the entire hospital. Our mission is to ensure effective utilization of the available infrastructure to achieve our vision.  This involves monitoring the areas that make use of the hospital software, ensuring that they are making effective use of it and helping them wherever they encounter problems.



The Unit is made up of 18 staff comprising of 10 senior officers and 8 junior officers. The Unit Head is Mrs. Ifezulike F.N. with phone number 08035698868. There is no official phone for the unit, however each individual member of the unit has his/her own private phone number.


  • It advices the hospital on Information and Communication Technology its and implementation.
  • It is responsible for day to day operational support of the HMIS for the hospital.
  • ICT Unit provides Internet facility to the hospital and to individual staff of the hospital. This service helps to reduce the stress of running to cyber Café to browse within or after work period.
  • The unit maintains Hardware/Software components which are in use within the hospital which includes the network infrastructure.
  • It helps in the implementation and management of Hospital software, Personnel Software, evaluation of staff data, Nominal roll which can be classified into General, Cadre by Cadre, Location by Location, Federal character etc.
  • ICT Unit also helps in updating of staff records using Personnel Software.
  • It also helps in troubleshooting and repair of minor computer problems within the hospital.



Our major clients are the hospital staff. The unit provides 24hour internet services to its clients who are NAUTH Staff.


The unit runs a 24 hours service in the hospital. This is because the internet and recently installed HMIS software runs round the clock.


Since the unit provides a 24 hours service to the hospital, any information on staff strength, number of staff in every department, their state of origin, grade levels, designations etc is provided by the unit.

Any information required by the hospital management from the Unit is provided to them as soon as possible. Any individual, department or unit that needs to obtain information from the unit will first of all obtain a written permission from the hospital management (probably the Director of Administration).



ICT Unit provides 24 hours internet facility to the entire hospital community. Staff who wants to subscribe for the internet services has to pay at any of the cash points and bring the receipt to ICT office. On presentation of the receipt, the staff will be connected to the hospital internet. It is a monthly payment and failure of the staff to pay for the month he/she will be automatically disconnected from the internet facility.


ICT Unit is ready to welcome and as well handle any complaint brought to it by the hospital management, departments, Units or individual. Since our vision is to provide efficient and reliable Information Communication Technology Services to the entire hospital, we treat any complaint brought to us with utmost dispatch.


For the unit to move forward, maximum cooperation and support of the hospital management is needed.

  • The hospital needs to be organizing periodic training and workshops for the ICT staff to keep them updated on new trends in information technology.
  • Poor Ventilation: The Air condition in ICT office is not functioning effectively. This is very harmful to the computers because it reduces their efficiency.