Finance And Accounts Department

Finance And Accounts Department

Welcome to the Department of Finance and Accounts of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Nnewi Website. The website summarizes the various activities and responsibilities of the department.


The Department came into being in the year 1990, when the teaching hospital was established. The department, as the financial nerve centre/hub of the teaching hospital, is a management tool set up to handle all matters relating to finances of the teaching hospital, the duties it has done creditably well since its inception.

The following Professional Accountants have headed the department since its creation.

Mr. Frank I Ike (1990 – February 2000), Sir Chukwudi Okoli (February 2000 to date).

Presently, the department of Finance and Accounts is headed by a Professional Accountant, Sir Chukwudi Okoli who is a Knight of Saint Paul, in the Anglican Communion.

The department, no doubt, has grown in quality and quantity in terms of personnel, volume of financial, transactions and computerization of its services.  The department presently has seventeen (17) sub-divisions, which was put in place to ease the administration of the department.  The sub-divisions include:-

–         Cash Section

–         Bills Section

–         Final Accounts Section

–         Reconciliation Section

–         Management Accounts Section

–         Personnel Emolument section

–         Budget Section

–         Advance Section

–         Commercialized Section

–         Assessment Section

–         Revenue Section

–         School Section

–         NHIS Section

–         Tax Section

–         Pension/welfare Section

–         IPPIS Section

–         Secretariat Section


–         Render prompt, timely and periodic management reports to assist management in its day to day running of the teaching hospital.

–         Maintain proper accounting records that will ensure impeccable periodic and annual financial reports of the activities of the hospital.  Such as can be deduced from accurate trial balance, income and expenditure account and balance sheet.

–         Ensuring that all the hospitals revenue are correctly and promptly collected, while all her expenditures are completely captured under proper headings.

–         Ensuring judicious use of the hospital resources by ensuring correct payments to the contractors.  While at the same time comply with the financial regulations of the government and ensuring that no revenue is lost by the federal government through withholding tax (WHT) and value added tax (VAT).

–         Prompt payment of the taxes including PAYE to the appropriate organs of government.

–         Advises the Board and management of the hospital in all matters relating to finance and accounts.

–         Budgeting and budgetary control

–         Preparation and submission of quarterly financial statement for the attention of our parent ministry and also federal ministry of finance.

–         Preparation of the end of the year financial statements for audit purposes.

–         Follow up action on subventions from the office of Accountant General of the Federation.

–         Preparation of bills for discharged patients.

–         Refund of bill for services not rendered.

–         Payment of staff salaries, benefits and other entitlements.

–         Liaising with the external auditors of the hospital to ensure the annual audit of accounts of the teaching hospital.


–          Provision of timely, effective, efficient and transparent Financial/Accounting Services which geared towards realization of the hospital’s vision and mission.


–         24 hours service 8.00 a.m. till dawn.

Departmental Standards 

–         The officers/staff of the Department are all properly trained to deliver a high standard of service

–         Easily identified staff on uniform

–         Practice in line with the departmental ethics and financial regulations

–         Rendering of services with integrity, fairness, equity and respect.

List of Customers

–         Board, Management and staff

–         General Public/Customers (Patients)

–         Contractors, Suppliers, Stake holders and the Hospital benefactors, Government, Federal Ministries of Health and Finance, Government agencies, Parastatals and organizations.


–         Polite and jovial staff

–         Courteous, timely and efficient  services

–         Ever ready to give useful information when requested

–         Provision of decent waiting room

–         Fair, equitable and reasonable attention

–         Identified staff.


–         Prompt payment for the services rendered

–         Provision of adequate information that will guide us

–         Observance of hospital rules and order

–         Be respectful and courteous as well

–         Deal with identified accounts staff on uniform.