Dental Unit

Dental Unit

The dental unit is fully equipment with modern dental unit supplied and installed by the vamed company contracted by the Federal Government.  The dental unit is currently equiped with the following vamed functional equipment.


  1. One dental unit
  2. X-ray equipment
  3. Dental film developing equipment

d.  Developer (Black/Red solution)

  1. Modern dental laboratory equipments
  2. The dental clinic rooms are renovated to simulate modern dental surgery environment with full functional air-conditioner.  Also, the NAUTH, management purchased a dental unit, to make the number of the dental unit in NAUTH Nnewi two. These obviously will allow two dental surgeons to consult at the same time, reducing the time patient spend to see dentist.


The dental unit in NAUTH has the following number of staff as at now.


  1. Chief Dental surgeon i/c of the unit
  2. Two dental officers
  3. Two dental therapists
  4. A corper dental therapist
  5. Nurse matron and sister and a clerk


Mission statement of the dental unit  


  1. To provide highly aesthetic and quality dental/oral care to our numerous patients.


  1. To offer an excellent dental service to all our patients irrespective of age, gender or race.




  1. To be counted among the best in the clinical dental practice in the zone in particular and in Nigeria in general..


Hour of service:


Dental clinic in NAUTH, is a daily clinic opens from Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm



Thereafter Emergency dental services operate in the Accident/Emergency Department of NAUTH.


Dental Services Provided


All dental services/treatment are provided as at now except prothesis

—-Oral surgery treatment

—- Conservative/Restorative treatment

—- Periodontal treatment

—- Preventive treatment

—- Community awareness/sensitization


Service standard  Our service standard is quite high, satisfactory and is comparable to the services rendered in any standard dental clinic in Nigeria.  Our patients commend our standard of practice.


Staff Commitment


  1. We the staff of dental unit make frantic effort to render excellent and satisfactory dental services to our dental patients.
  2. To be courteous to all patients and show sympathy and Empathy at all times
  3. To listen attentively to our patients complaints and avoid distractions while attending to them.
  4. To be punctual to work and to attend to every patient as quickly as possible.



Dental Patients Obligation


The dental patient requiring the dental treatment needs to address any dental staff politely and has to take instruction from the staff especially how to get the treatment.  The patient obtains card to see the dental surgeon, thereafter he or she will see the dental surgeon with her complaints.  The dentist after oral examination marshall out the management plan.  The patient is expected to pay where necessary and obtain his or her receipt before the real treatment is given.  Itemized bill for each dental treatment is pasted in the dental clinic, for dentist and patient to see while NHIS patient are treated free once he or she presents with NHIS referral form.


Grievances /Complaints redress  


Any dental patient, who has any complaint against any dental staff, should as matter of urgency report to the head of the unit for quick action and resolution where necessary.  The report can be made verbally or in writing with out fear of reprisal about care or services or extortion of money.  The patient will definitely get immediate response.  The grievances will be resolved following conflict resolution mechanisan available within the public services.


Management Obligation to the Dental unit


To ensure that necessary materials/equipment needed to keep the dental services available in NAUTH, are provided and on time to avoid disruption of services.


— To ensure employment of the needed staff to ensure good clinical practice.


Special need of the Unit

      a.   To make our prosthetic laboratory functional, by employing an experience           dental technologist

b. Office for our staff

c. Impress for the dental unit to buy minor things without waiting for hospital suppliers which takes weeks/months.