Anaesthesiology Department

Anaesthesiology Department



a)      Background

Anaesthesiology was commenced with other 18 departments at the inception of Faculty of Medicine of Nnamdi Azikiwe University between 1986 and 1987 as a part of Department of Surgery. It was in November 23, 2000 that the Nigeria University Commission approved its establishment as a department in Faculty of Medicine in Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

b)      Current Status:

The department operating as a full fledged department has its own administration office and staffs. It runs its own undergraduate curriculum and post graduate programs for all anaesthesiology residents and also resident doctors on mandatory postings or rotations through the department of Anaesthesiology, from the department of surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Family Medicine  etc preparatory for the Part I examinations of the postgraduate medical colleges. The department was recently granted partial accreditation for residency training in  Anaesthesiology after the visit of the faculty of anaesthesia of both West African College of Surgeons and National Postgraduate medical college of Nigeria accreditation panel in June, 2013.

c)      Personnel

i)  Consultant: The department as of  25th October, 2013 has two (2) full time consultant Anaesthesiologists, one (1) full time consultant Anaesthesiologist on sabbatical leave from the department of Anaesthesiology, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria and one (1) Part time consultant Anaesthesiologist, from the university of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku Ozalla in Enugu State.


  1. Prof  B.U.O Umeh:         MB,BS. Newcastle, England, 1970

DA, Royal College England, 1972

FRCA, Dublin, Ireland, 1976

FMCA, 1981,
FWACS 1982, FICS 1984

Certificate in Acupunture and TENS Liverpool, 1983.

Dr. E.O. Ogboli-Nwasor MB,BS. ABU Zaria, 1990

DA. WACS, 1984, FWACS 2001

FICS, 2000. DA (WFSA)

  1. Dr. H.A Ezike               MB,BS. Ibadan, 1981,

  FMCA, 1991,

  1. Dr. C.O. Okorie                       MB,BS UNN, Enugu, 1998

DA, WACS, 2007

MPH, UNN, 2011

FMCA, 2013

II) Resident Doctors:

There are five (5) Senior Registrars and a junior registrar in the department

Senior Residents

  1. Dr. C.E. Nwachukwu
  2. Dr. S.C. Ojiakor
  3. Dr. C. Ezema
  4. Dr. I. Oranusi


Junior Resident

  1. Dr. G. Umeh


III) Nurse Anaesthetists

The  department retains the services of nurse anaesthetists among whom  are:

  1. Mrs. J. Chude
  2. Mr. H. Nwobodo
  3. Mr. P. Chukwuma


IV) Administrative Staff

  1. Mrs. C. Osuji
  2. Mrs. C. Mbonu
  3. Mrs G. Okonkwo


D) Anaesthetic services and activities

i) Clinical services

The department provides anaesthetic services on daily and 24 hours basis to NAUTH departments.

These include:

  1. Provision of Anaesthesia coverage in all the theatre in NAUTH Nnewi.
  2. Pain management in labour in the form of labour epidural
  3. The accident and emergency theatre in NAUTH .
  4. Anaesthesia coverage for:

i.            Radiology department in NAUTH

ii.            The Guinness Eye Hospital Onitsha

iii.            The Orthopaedic Unit Theatre Oba

iv.            Patient care in the 7 bedded  intensive care unit NAUTH


ii) Academic Activities:

These take the form of:

  1. Daily (week days) early morning Reviews of elective cases and emergencies for the day, and also post call cases reviews.
  2. Weekly (Wednesday) departmental seminars covering basic sciences, clinical measurement, principles and practice of Anaesthesia, morbidity and mortality reports, journal reviews.
  3. National and international conferences in anaesthesia practice



–          Establishment of pain management to provide pain care related cases/syndromes for patients. Example:

  • Preemptive pain management
  • Post operative scenario
  • Obstetrical pain management
  • Paediatric pain management
  • Radiologically assisted interventional pain management


–          Establishment of pain clinic: To review and manage chronic pain syndromes with follow up eg.

  • Cancer patient
  • Radiculopathy
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Nerve roots irritation
  • Arthritis

–          Establishment of Anaesthsia clinic- full scale

–          This will facilitate the introduction of a day case Anaesthesia (surgery) to increase the patient turn over

–          Establishment of full scale Regional Anaesthesia unit to serve:

  • Orthopaedics, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeries
  • As adjunct to managing acute pain problems in the A/E.