The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, (NAUTH), Nnewi, Corporate Affairs Department is divided into two sections:-
Communication/Public Relations Section is made up of four Units, namely:
a. Publication/Information
Functions:- Concern with production of Invitations, Brochures, Greeting Cards, Almanac, Calendar, Emblems, Name tags etc of the Institution
Produce the institution’s books, newsletters, and other relevant house journals
Make publication in the institution’s House Journals and notice Boards supervise Communication equipment and the institution’s internet services produce the institution’s letter heads, envelopes (stationery), signposts complimentary cards etc
Prepare speeches as may be directed by the Chief Executive of the institution
b. Protocol and Logistics
– Organization of events/social activities in the institution
– Planning and executing the Chief Executive official events
– Making arrangements for reception of the institution’s Visitors and their Welfare
– Accompanying and making a arrangement for the Chief Executive Official tours and visits
– In-charge of logistics for Official events both within and outside the institution
– Reception office/showroom where accurate, adequate, timely, and regular information can be assessed

c. Community and Employee Relations
– In-charge of public service activities
– Communicating; interacting, liaison and sensitizing the host community of the institution
– Putting in place procedure for complaints of grievances, including redress mechanism
– Advising the Management on Public Affairs matters
– Resolution of conflicts and crises Management within the host Community publics, employers and employee
– Employee relations; eliciting information’s from staff Unions, associations and other stake holders of the hospital for improvement and actions on the hospital activities

d. Media/Press Relations
– Handles outward flow of information and press releases
– Replies to editorial or criticism in the news paper
– Organises press events
– Maintain close liaison with the press
– Keeps eye on public opinion about the institution
– Serve as master of ceremony at the institution’s functions
– Ensure adequate coverage and activities through audio and visual means as appropriate

a. Service Improvement Unit
It is manned by a Desk Officer who is in-charge of the Unit with the under mentioned functions
– Disseminating best practices or service delivery and tools for regular improvement on these
– Developing strategies for improvement of services delivery which must be SERVICOM compliance
– Developing comprehensive and affective training policies for staff of all frontline staff of the institution
– Providing/facilitating a safe and conducive working environment for staff at all levels of service delivery

a. Customers Care/Complaint Unit
– Carry out surveys of customers satisfaction
– To oversee the reception area of the MDA
– To collate, analyse and publicize comments by the customers
– To co-ordinate the stakeholders consultation forum
– To ensure that the customers are aware of the institution’s complaints procedure
– To keep record all complaints, comments compliments and suggestion by customers
– To investigate complaints with actions taken to remedy the situation
– To communicate with complainants on the action to be taken or taken on their complaints
– To analyse complaints in order to ascertain trends. All these are manned by the Desk Officer in-charge

b. Charter Unit
– Manned by a desk officer in-charge to guide the departments and other service frontlines on charter formulation
– To vet the MDA’s Charter to ensure conformity with SERVICOM approved guidelines
– To monitor the implementation of the Charter
– In conjunction with the service improvement Desk Officer to co-ordinate the review of the MDA’s Charter
– To periodically brief the Nodal Officer with regard to the above functions