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Departments And Units


NAUTH, Nnewi is a tertiary Health Institution which provides a wide range of Medical, Surgical, Diagnostic, out-patient, rehabilitative and support services to a catchment population of about 30,994,559. NAUTH has a functional Accident and Emergency Unit and provides 24hour emergency services all year round. The multi-disciplinary approach to service plays an important role in the development and delivery of the Health services.

The key activity areas include:


-General Medicine

-General Surgery

-Obstetrics & Gynaecology

-Laboratory Services


-HIV/STI Services

-Pharmaceutical Services


-Intensive Care Unit





The services provided in the Hospital includes

Department of paediatrics

-General Children Out-Patient Clinic

-Children Emergency Services (24 hours daily)

-Neonatology (special care Baby Unit for premature babies)

-Paediatrics HIV Clinic

-Paediatric Oncology (Haematology)

-Paediatric Cardiology

-Paediatric Gastroenterology

Department of Medicine

-Medical Out-Patient Clinic (daily referral)




-Endocrinology/Diabetes Clinic


-Respiratory Medicine

-ECG Services

-TB/DOTS Clinic

-Adult HIV Clinic

-Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT)

-Dermatology Clinic (Every Friday)

-Mental Health





-International Health

-Occupational Health

-Rehabilitative Medicine

-PHC (Primary Health Care)

-Social Medicine

-Family Health

-Health Education

Department of Surgery:

-General Surgery




-Plastic Surgery

-Paediatric Surgery

-Ear, Nose, and Throat

-Accident & Emergency Clinic (24hours)

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

Antenatal Clinic

-Gynaecology Clinic

-Family Planning

-Gynaecological Emergencies

-Maternity Services

-Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT)


-Cervical Cancer Screening

Laboratory Services (24 hours daily)

-Haematology/Blood Bank

-Special HIV Laboratory

-PCR (polymerase chain reaction)

-Chemical Pathology




-Mortuary Services

Anaesthetic Services

Radiological Services (24 hours):

-Plain X-ray studies

-Special Investigation

-Ultrasound Services

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging

-Other Radiological Specialties

HIV/STI Services:

-Voluntary Counselling and Confidential Testing

-HIV Screening Test#

-HIV Confirmatory Test

-HIBS Ag Screening Test

-Haematology Parameters

-Biochemistry Parameters

-CD4 Cell Count

-Viral load, DNA and follow-up analysis

Pharmaceutical Services (24 hours):

-Compounding of extemporaneous products…. Adverse drug monitory bin all the dispensing units.

-Dispensation of prescription by all dispensing units

-Drug selection, forecasting, quantification and procurement by the Pharmacy main Store.

-Drug Inventory Control/Management and drug storage by the whole units of information service by all units.

-Drug information reference service by DIU

-Direct observed drug therapy by TB/DOTS pharmacy.

-Intervention on wrong prescription

Nursing Services (24hours) (Highlight)

Other Paramedical Services:


-Health Records


Support Service Areas are:

-Works/engineering services

-Administrative services

-Accounting services

-Auditing Services

-Medical Social Services


The present bed capacity in the main Hospital is about 294 while there are about 146 in the annexes totalling 440 beds as shown below:

-Male Medical Ward                                                                                       30

-Female Medical                                                                                              30

-Male Surgical                                                                                                    23

-Female Surgical                                                                                               14

-Plastic/Burns Male                                                                                         15

-Gynae                                                                                                                 14

-Paediatrics                                                                                                        26

-Paediatrics Extension                                                                                   13

-SCBU                                                                                                                   25

-ICU                                                                                                                       8

-Labour                                                                                                                6

-Lying-In                                                                                                              38

-A/E (Adult)                                                                                                        42

-CHER                                                                                                                    10

-Neni                                                                                                                     26

-Guinness Eye Clinic                                                                                        20

-Ukpo                                                                                                                   32

-Trauma Centre Oba                                                                                       49

-Umunya                                                                                                             19


The staff strength of the teaching Hospital has grown tremendously. The hospital which started with one hundred and twenty (120) staff, both medical and non medical, can now boast of two thousand, seven hundred (2,700) staff.                                         


The under-listed existing equipment in the Hospital was courtesy of VAMED program which NAUTH enrolled into. The acquisition of these equipments has helped tremendously in improving the health service delivery in NAUTH:


  1. 1.       Computerized Tomography (CT Scan)
  2. 2.       Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  3. 3.       Laparoscope
  4. 4.       Cytoscope
  5. 5.       Resectoscope
  6. 6.       Endoscope
  7. 7.       Anthoscope
  8. 8.       Laryngoscope
  9. 9.       Anaesthetic Machine
  10. 10.   Electric Dermatome
  11. 11.   Skin Graft Meshes
  12. 12.   Total Hip Replacement set
  13. 13.   Cardiothoracic set
  14. 14.   Underwater cutting diathermy machine
  15. 15.   ENT Operating Microscope
  16. 16.   Mobile Operating Microscope etc


  1. Hitachi 902 automatic Analyser
  2. Glass ware washer
  3. Jenway flame photometer
  4. Instrumentation Laboratory 943 flame photometer
  5. Thermo scientific incubator


  1. GFL 2002 Distiller


  1. Embedded Machine (2unit)
  2. Automatic tissue processor (1)
  3. Rotary Microtone
  4. One Multi-headed Microscope
  5. Phase contrast Machine
  6. Automatic staining machine
  7. In cyto-spin centrifuge
  8. One Immuno fluorescent Microscope
  9. One crystat
  10. Mini water bath.


  1. Ph meter
  2. Compound Microscope
  3. Centrifuge
  4. Water Bath

Phase Contrast Microscope


  1. Automated  counting Machine
  2. System for Haematological Analysis#
  3. P24 Antigen test Kits for blood transfusion
  4. PCR Machine
  5. Automated Polymerase chain Reaction (PCR)
  6. Cold centrifuge and Accessories
  7. Drying Machine
  8. Automated Staining machine
  9. Blood Mixers
  10. Multimedia Project
  11. U/V spectrophotometer
  12. Mortars and Pestles etc.


  1. Oral and maxilla-facial set
  2. Laboratory, Dental
  3. Complete Dental Unit
  4. Dental X-ray Unit, Wall mounted


  1. Computerised Filling Equipment
  2. Conveyor belt.
  3. Address Graph machine
  4. Microfilm equipment


  1. Total Multi Gym
  2. Computerised Thread Mills
  3. Ergonometers
  4. E.M.Pulse
  5. Tilt tables
  6. Hydrotherapy Unit
  7. Traction Machine (Mechanical and Electrical)
  8. X-ray viewing box
  9. Exercise toys
  10. Prosthetics and orthotics etc